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Topographic Surveys

  • Land Survey

  • Site Survey

  • Level Survey


We will arrive with numerous tripods and setup Survey GPS and Total Station equipment to precisely measure your land area and all physical features on the site.


Deliverable to the client a few days later will be an industry standard scaled plan of the site, showing all site features with levels and how they relate to each other. Our data will be used to produce contours at intervals to give a clear understanding of the shape and topography of the land.


Our vast experience and attention to detail ensures the plan will have everything the Planners and Architects will need for feasibility studies, 3D models, flood risk assessments and visuals for their clients.


Our data will be issued digitally as CAD files, DWG and DXF, as well as PDF for easy viewing.


Setting Out & Site Engineering

Positional accuracy is crucial for all elements of design and build to come together in a project. With plans drawn up and planning successfully passed, a developer's next consideration should always be site engineering. We will 'set-out' using both Total Station and GPS equipment.


Force Ten Survey will come to your site and install an accurate control network, pinpoint detail from your plans onto the ground and provide datums for levels. We will use clear markers to define where structures will be installed including roads, foundations, services and drainage systems.


For more complex projects a series of visits may be needed to set-out various stages such as reduced dig, piles, foundations, blockwork corners etc.


At Force Ten we hold valid CSCS cards, have experience working on busy construction sites and are trained to operate in a safe manner.


Measured Building Surveys

A Measured Building Survey produces an accurate scaled drawing of a specific building showing all structural elements and architectural features. The survey will be conducted using a combination of the latest technology and traditional methods. The standard Force Ten package will include the production of detailed floor plans, building elevations, cross sections, roof plans and associated topographic survey. All levels will be related to a site datum with floor levels, ceiling and beam heights, door and window heights all recorded.


Architects, engineers and building professionals can use our comprehensive data set as a base plan for any feasibility studies and design work to develop a scheme.


Our data will be issued digitally as CAD files, DWG and DXF, as well as PDF for easy viewing.


Land Registry Compliant Plans

A Land Registry Compliant Plan is essential when selling, transferring or leasing land or property and to record agreed boundaries between neighbours.


We provide a fixed fee from the outset and will work closely with your legal advisor to ensure that our plans meet all your requirements. We will purchase licensed Ordnance Survey Mapping and this will be supplemented with any on-site measurements that are needed.


The Force Ten team are experienced in the production of all types of Land Registry Compliant Plans including:

  • Land Transfer Plans

  • Plans for Registration of Land

  • Lease Plans

  • Determined Boundary Plans

  • Boundary Demarcation Plans.


Our plans will usually be issued digitally in PDF format but CAD files, DWG and DXF are available if required.


Offshore Construction Support

Force Ten Survey staff have unique experience of both the offshore hydrographic and the land survey disciplines. This makes us the ideal choice for those ‘grey area’ projects where land meets sea!


Vessel Dimensional Control Survey

Force Ten will travel to ports worldwide and are experienced at mobilising promptly and with minimal fuss. Our up-front fixed fees and reliable service are appreciated by our numerous clients.


Using Total Station and GPS instruments we will install an accurate control network co-ordinated to the required co-ordinate system and datum. We will then measure precise dimensional control data onboard offshore survey / construction vessels.

We provide full vessel calibration and verification surveys measuring all crucial sensors from an agreed Central Reference Point (CRP). Once these offsets have been input into the vessel survey setup, we can conduct GPS position checks along with gyro and motion sensor calibration


We provide preliminary results in a clear format before we depart the vessel with a comprehensive report following promptly from the office.


Intertidal Surveys

Force Ten have built up a strong reputation in the intertidal zone providing topographic surveys at cable and pipeline beach landing sites. We can provide baseline surveys at the feasibility stage, positioning services during construction as-laid and inspection surveys post construction.


We are experienced with providing data in both offshore and onshore co-ordinate systems and levelled to both land and marine datums. We can execute jobs safely and professionally in tricky conditions and liaise closely with the offshore hydrographic survey team to ensure our low tide land-based survey has extensive overlap with the vessel data.


How It Works

  1. Give us a call on 01297 300705 or drop us an e-mail at to let us know all about your project.

  2. We will contact you if we need more information and put together a site-specific, fixed fee proposal.

  3. If you are happy, we will schedule a convenient date to conduct the survey. A few days later you will receive your survey drawings.


Please remember – Surveyor happiness is directly related to tea and coffee consumption on site!

Topographic Surveys
Setting Out & Site Engineering
Measured Building Surveys
Land Registry Compliant Plans
Offshore Construction Support
How It Works
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